Christmas Party

By PimpDaddy | December 22, 2008

I attended a fellow Wine Gang members party last night put on by LeSoccer. Nice size crowed with a great mix of wines out to taste. Unfortunately I did not catch the name of the first bottle that had been decanted out. It was a 25 year old Spanish Rioja. It had the old world stink in spades if you know what I am talking about. It had a barn yard nose that was bordering on obnoxious but once you got past that it was quite an enjoyable wine in its own right.
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Fav varietals

By BadMan | December 17, 2008


Just seeing if there’s anyone around on this wonderful wine blogsite!

Just an informal poll here – what’s your favorite type of wine?  I like Cabernet Sauvignon and the other 4 Bordeaux red varietals blended together (some say there are 6 total – I find that a marketing ploy).  So – for those keeping score at home – in addition to Cab there is Cabernet Franc, Petite Verdot, Malbec, and of course Merlot – all best when blended together exhibiting the nose and structure components unique to the greatest wine making region on Earth – right bank Bordeaux.  Yes, you read that right – more on that later.  Next up I like something that will cause eyes to roll and foreheads to furrow – the white wine Chenin Blanc.  And when I say Chenin Blanc I mean Vouvray, not the American swill that has no heart and even less soul.  After that it’s back to reds with Zinfandel and Petite Sirah, followed by Sauvignon Blanc.  Lastly Syrah can be good, although outside Penfolds Grange it’s often more miss than hit.

I DON’T tend to like or enjoy Champagne or her sparkling sisters.  I’ve never (for artistic exaggeration’s sake) had a Pinot Noir I could tolerate; the same could be said for blush wines and sweet wines (with the exception of a bracingly acidic Sauternes).

I’ve often been heard to loudly exclaim: “Get that damn Pinot out of my glass!”

So what are your likes/dislikes?

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New site in town

By PimpDaddy | September 12, 2008

Looks like the UK has a great new wine resource on the web! California’s Wine Gang would like to welcome the new UK site I have taken the time to go over their site and am very impressed with the depth and quality of the information they provide. Seems like we are getting a fair bit of traffic on our site here being driven by the popularity of their site. Feel free to come back here to our California blog but if you are looking for good UK advice just click on the link and Bob’s your Uncle!

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Trying Tequila

By BitterD | April 28, 2007

Chico, California USA — I got a little long winded here. If you just want the tasting notes skip to the end, but you’ll miss out on all my incredible story telling and use of Spanish swear words.

My old neighbor in Sacramento used to stand in front of his house on Cinco de Mayo and repeat over and over again, as only a thoroughly hammered individual can, “Yo no tomo”. Being that he was Hispanic and was holding his twentieth cervesa of the day, he found a certain ironic humor in saying, “I don’t drink” in Spanish. It was kind of funny…the first ten or fifteen times, after that we were laughing AT him, not with him. One good thing came of this though; he would break out the Tequila. While John himself, was from that center of Mexican culture and food that is Kansas City, he had many well to do relatives in Guadalajara. As a result, any visit include stocking up on south of the boarder firewater. And most of it was just that, harsh, mean and nasty. However on occasion he would have something nice, something you would sip and appreciate, something that was just fine without lime and salt, something that as worth searching out again.
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